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Enjoy a sweet summer treat with Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Posted 08/07/15

Hey fans!

Well, we think it is safe to say that summer is in a full swing. By now, we’ve enjoyed beautiful summer weather, barbeques, fireworks…and even shark week. We’ve also been able to enjoy our love affair with ice cream! In fact, we combined this love with our other love donuts. What happens when those two get together? Donut ice cream sandwiches!

Yes, these donut ice cream sandwiches do taste as amazing as they look in this picture, and they are so easy to make! You just need three ingredients: your favorite donuts, your favorite ice cream, and a topping. We chose chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce for ours, but cookie bites, rainbow sprinkles, coconut…just about anything will also taste great! To prep, just have the ice cream soft enough to scoop out.

First, start with the donut and slice it so you have two halves. Then,  take one scoop of ice cream and place it on one half of the donut. (Tip: Use a knife to help spread the ice cream around…kind of like cream cheese on a bagel). Next take the other half of the donut, place it on top and sprinkle toppings along the edge of the donut, so that it sticks to the ice cream.

When you are finished making all the ice cream sandwiches you want to make, place them on a tray and put in the freezer for about 15 minutes or longer. When you are ready to eat, simply take them out and enjoy! Bring these sweet treats to your next gathering with friends or family.

Be sure to share your culinary magic with us on Instagram! Take a picture of your donut ice cream sandwiches, tag us (@honeydewdonuts) with #HDDIceCreamTreats! We might just award one lucky post with a gift card. 

Have a great day fans!


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