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#FBF to a wedding at Honey Dew!

Posted 02/13/15

#FBF to a wedding at Honey Dew!
Valentine’s Day is almost here and we thought we’d share with our readers one of our sweetest moments in Honey Dew history! In November 2007, Cyndi LaRose and Joseph Smith were just two customers at Honey Dew Donuts in South Kingstown, RI. Cyndi was a longtime customer, and Joseph became a regular as he went to visit his niece who worked at the shop. At the time, the shop owner asked Cyndi and Joseph to help him with a project and soon the two fell in love and quickly got married. Everything was in place on the day of the wedding: the shop baker made the food, regular customers served and witnesses and a probate judge conducted the ceremony. The shop owner greeted the couple that day by asking “Coffee or a wedding?”

Cyndi LaRose and David Smith get married at a former Honey Dew Donuts shop in
South Kingstown, RI in November 2007. Source: Associated Press

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