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Springing into April

Posted 04/08/16

Springing into April!

We’re just a couple of weeks into spring, which means the return of two things….sunshine and baseball! While you’re enjoying the sunny blue skies and the return of the home team at everyone’s favorite park, Honey Dew Donuts ® is excited to introduce new items and return of a couple of favorites for all of our fans!  First up to the plate is the return of V8® VFusion™ Smoothies. This line of smoothies will once again include Strawberry Banana, but new this year is an orange mango Tropical Fruit flavor! These smoothies are bursting with juicy fruit flavor, and because it’s a V8, you’ll also get a full serving of fruit and vegetables. Next up to bat is the return of Butter Rum muffins with Cinnamon Streusel topping. These sweet muffins with bits of butter toffee swirled throughout will have even the visiting team jumping for joy! Enjoy them with new Butter Rum flavored coffee! Try all these items at your local Honey Dew for a limited time only. (Price and participation will vary)

Do you love our signature Iced Mocha Madness ™? Do you also love our Iced Cappuccino? What would you say if we told you, you can have them both at once? Well now you can with our Iced Mocha Cappuccino! These two blended favorites will be making an appearance to the menu around April 15th.  But that is not the only new item to the menu…we are also bringing in our new Breakfast Cup! This 8oz on-the-go breakfast cup is balanced with fluffy scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, and perfectly seasoned breakfast potatoes. Breakfast Cup will be made to order with a side of Sriracha sauce, a type of hot sauce made from chili peppers! You can try our new Breakfast Cup for just $2.79 (+tax) from April 11th through April 24th.

As if this all wasn’t enough, we are also hosting a photo contest starting on April 11th on Instagram! DEW you love Honey Dew Donuts? From April 11th-April 25th tell us by posting a picture to Instgagram with your favorite Honey Dew Donuts product(s), and tag us (@honeydewdonuts) with the hashtag #DewYouLoveIt. Participants are asked to explain why the product they are sharing is their favorite. Participants must also be following the Honey Dew Donuts Instagram account. The first place winner of this contest will receive a tote bag that contains a $25 gift card, single serve cups, a Honey Dew iced beverage cup and more! The second place winner will receive a tote bag with a Honey Dew iced beverage cup, single serve cups and more. A judge will select the winners based on creativity!

That’s all from the dug-out for now. Be sure to keep us updated on your Honey Dew Donuts experience by posting and tweeting to Instagram, and Twitter! #HoneyDewDonuts #DewItBetter

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